About Faith Mission IGC


Faith Mission IGC church members pose for a group picture.Faith Mission IGC is a family church that welcomes everyone, where each individual is valuable. Everyone is included as part of a growing family. A church where you matter. A church where you belong. A church where you are not a stranger. We believe that the good news is for everyone “God values everyone so much that He gave...” (Jn. 3:16) God has a plan for everyone, that plan is a good plan and it includes you.

Our mission is to minister love and hope to families, individuals and the community. Faith Mission IGC is a church that focuses on outreach - bringing people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ; teaching biblical principles, and including people in the work of the Lord. The ultimate vision and purpose of Faith Mission IGC is to bring people to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ; to help people understand and participate in God’s eternal plan. The vision is realized through a local, national and international focus.

The Local Vision

1. Declare and demonstrate the Gospel to people in a way that brings them to Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

2. Develop balanced Christians who understand who they are in Christ; who recognize their place in the body of Christ; who work together in unity under the headship of Jesus Christ to fulfill the mission of the church which is EVANGELISM & DISCIPLESHIP.

3. Disciple people; equipping them through training to do the work of ministry.

4. Build a faith community - church community - modeling the ministry of Jesus.

5. Recognize and develop ministry gifts for the growth of the church. (MINISTRY)

The National Vision

1. Provide and support a network for ministers; churches; and believers who believe in biblical equality; believe in the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus Christ and are committed to teaching and modeling this truth in Evangelism and Christian Discipleship.

2. Offer teaching materials; educational resources; ministry seminars and conferences to encourage and facilitate the overall vision of FMIGC

3. Extend fellowship to churches; ministries who share the common values of:
- Gospel-based ministry
- World evangelism
- Equality for men and women in all roles and functions of church leadership.

The International Vision

1. Support and assist missionaries who share common values

2. Conduct training seminars in all areas of evangelism and discipleship

3. Support children’s ministries abroad

4. Conduct and support medical missions overseas.

Pastor Grace in Nigeria

Pastor Grace Edobor

Pastor Grace Edobor preaching at FMIGC. Faith Mission International Gospel Center is pastored by Rev. Grace Edobor, a native of Nigeria, West Africa. Pastor Grace's spiritual education took place in the vast Church of God Mission ministry, founded by Archbishop Benson Idahosa. It was in this church that she accepted Christ at an early age, and was mentored by Idahosa: the man known throughout Africa as God's battleaxe! His influence on her life and ministry was phenomenal: evidenced today by her stout faith and strong commitment to prayer and miracles.
Pastor Grace came to Tulsa to attend Oral Roberts University, and has served as a critical care nurse from the time she graduated with her post-grad degree in Nursing. Her fierce commitment to serve the Lord by serving people has won her numerous community, nursing and hospital awards. Recently featured in Oklahoma Nursing News, as "caring and compassionate" As a chaplain, providing comfort and prayer for patients and families was very improtant to Rev. Grace. The hospital’s mission could have been written with Rev. Gracer in mind: "Bringing quality to life through people caring for people."
Pastor Grace, with great zeal and enthusiasm was sent to the Osborn's ministry by her Pastor, Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa, to help in the ministry. After serving in various areas of ministry reaching many for Christ, Pastor Grace was appointed Pastor of International Gospel center branch church at Normandy. The church served both the apartment residents and other neighboring apartment complex with their residents. Both adults and children were taught the value God has placed upon their lives. Today, Faith Mission International Gospel Center which now meet at 3210 S. Norwood ave., has expanded to serving people not only from the Tulsa area, but from all areas of Oklahoma and Overseas.